Entertainment Giant LIONSGATE Partners with Clean Trails

Clean Trails continues to gain momentum in partnerships, volunteers, and opportunites to spread our message to everyone who enjoys the outdoors.  LIONSHARES, the philanthropic arm of LIONSGATE the entertainment giant that has brought us block buster movies like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and award-winning TV like Mad Men is just the latest.

As stated on their website: "LIONSHARES is a volunteer program that seeks to provide opportunities for employees within the Lionsgate family to partner with a diverse range of charitable organizations.  The program not only enriches the Lionsgate work experience through cultural and educational outreach, but also positively interacts and invests in the local and global community."

Clean Trails is in good company!

"Since its founding in August 2012, LIONSHARES has formed corporate partnerships with the Special Olympics and International Medical Corp.  A few notable events include: Special Olympics Pier del Sol: Stars 'n Stripes on the Pier, Special Olympics Summer Games in Long Beach, as well as raising over $40,000 for International Medical Corp by partnering with The Impossible.  LIONSHARES also works closely with other organizations, including the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, My Friend’s Place, The United Friends of the Children, and Westside Food Bank."

Lionsgate TV Contract Administrator, Elizabeth Rhee had been interested in organizing a trash clean up at a local park in her Sherman Oaks CA neighborhood and was referred to us by Lisa Barbato, LIONSHARES volunteer committee chairperson.  Elizabeth contacted us with a simple request:  "I would like to partner with an organization that would be able to provide materials and know-how, so that if I gather a large group of volunteers we may be able to make a big impact cleaning up one of the neighborhood parks where my kids play."

The satisfaction is often in the journey…

We took Elizabeth's request to heart and ventured off the trail to the Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys Park.  Normally, we focus our efforts on trail systems, this was both our first venture in a park and our first corporate social responsibility project.  Putting together a successful Clean Trails event takes some elbow grease to implement, but the work is just part of the satisfaction.  It took some effort to coordinate with the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation District. The park is already well-maintained and they had strict rules around when the cleanup could be performed, ensuring that park personnel were on hand during the event, and even requirements around the ratio of children to adults performing the cleanup.  But it was well worth the effort. 

We were surprised by the outcome!

True to Elizabeth's goal of making a big impact in her local park, she assembled over 30 adults and children that collected an estimated 25,000 small pieces of litter.  Enough to fill a 55 gallon drum! The kids loved helping, they treated the event like an easter egg hunt, challenging one another over who could find the most litter.  As mentioned, this was in a well-managed park, but it attests to an eye for detail. So often and unless you are looking, you just don't notice the litter, it blends in to the surroundings.  But, we've learned that areas that are littered become more littered, while areas that are litter-free tend to remain that way. It's all part of the social norms to which we subconsiously adhere. So, the more natural the area is, the more natural it remains.

You too can organize an event with your business, church, scouting troop, sports team, or nonprofit organization.  Contact Us to learn how and join us!